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Style of Yoga

For the Joy Yoga classes offer a unique blend of flow along with therapeutic movement techniques for a fun, challenging and personalized class experience.


Our goal is to cultivate an environment of self-study where you can become more aware of your own body and what it needs to feel its best.


In each class we explore balance, expanding breath capacity, soothing the mind and getting strong in all ranges of motion to facilitate a freedom of movement in every day life.

It's All About the Intention

Our practice is about finding purposeful movement along with the healing qualities of our breath. Together they elicit tissue restoration and adaptation as well as increased neuromuscular control to facilitate an ease and freedom of movement throughout life


Beyond Simple Stretching

Our purposeful attention helps create functional strength and useable flexibility for everyday life, which is critical for both those who feel stiff and achy as well as “flexy” folks.


Our aim is to find the balance between strength and flexibility to build control and stability in all ranges of motion. When we own that flexibility it cultivates confidence, meaningful change, joint integrity, injury prevention and healing. 

Leave Expectations at the Door

In our classes, there is nothing to achieve. It's more about curiosity, compassionate attention and fun! 


All are Welcome

Come as you are! There are no qualifications or expectations other than a desire to set aside this space to nourish your body and soul in the ways that it needs. 

I am Honored to Walk along Side

One of my greatest passions is walking along side others to help them feel their best - body, mind and soul.


Final Thoughts

Contact me anytime with questions, comments or ideas on how to improve your class experience are very welcomed:

Joy is intimately tied to movement, so let's move!  

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