Style of Yoga

For the Joy Yoga classes are a blend of vinyasa-style flow sequences infused with proper body mechanics, complementary movement modalities, restorative poses and simple meditation. There is a strong focus on breath, balance and stability by challenging the mind and body in a variety of ways. 

Movements are discussed in the framework of simple anatomy and biomechanics to offer a deeper understanding of one's body. While our practice is strong and active, it’s never painful. Nor do we attempt to force ourselves into a specific shape. Rather, our practice is about purposeful movement that elicits tissue restoration and adaptation as well as increased neuromuscular control, strong stable posture and freedom of movement. In fact, check out the miraculous connection between our nervous system and movement here

It's All About the Movement

Our practice is about purposeful movement that elicits tissue restoration and adaptation as well as increased neuromuscular control and freedom of movement.


Beyond Simple Stretching

Our purposeful attention helps create functional strength and useable flexibility for everyday life, which is critical for both those who feel stiff and achy as well as “flexy” folks who are at greater risk of taking poses too far. While passive flexibility feels good and soothes the nervous system, without control within that length we may be setting ourselves up for injury.


Our aim is to find the balance between strength and flexibility to build control and stability in all ranges of motion not just the pretty, bendy ways. When we own that flexibility it cultivates kinetic confidence, meaningful change, joint integrity, injury prevention and healing. See more details about current science around stretching in this easy-to-understand piece.

Watch the Over-Flexiness

Our aim is to build control and stability in all ranges of motion not just the pretty, bendy ways


Honor Your Body

Honoring your body is paramount. Listen to how you are feeling; today may be, and often is, different than yesterday. The only constant in life is change. Recognizing your body’s current needs is truly a gift to yourself.

So leave all insecurities behind and toss out any expectations of what a pose “should” look like; simply come as you are, right now, to cultivate your inner awesomeness!  

Toss Out Any Expectations

Simply come as you are, right now, to cultivate your inner awesomeness!


Final Thoughts

Contact me anytime with questions, comments or ideas on how to improve your class experience are very welcomed:

I provide gentle hands-on assists – both feel-good and alignment - but am happy to provide verbal cues only if preferred. 

Smaller movements are more advanced. Spending time strengthening the deeper stabilizing muscles, or mindfulness muscles, builds steadier joints and develops a sense of rest within the effort of movement - on and off the mat.

Movement in all ways is inherently healthy, the body was designed to be able to adapt. It’s when we habitually move in only a small handful of ways in everyday life that the body becomes stuck in certain patterns that create compensations and begin to contribute to discomfort. One goal in our class is to begin to counter these imbalances and find new and novel ways to move our bodies.   


Breath connected with movement is what makes yoga the phenomenal life-changing practice that it is. It can take you deeper and facilitate finding the balance between strength and surrender, effort and ease.  

Joy is intimately tied to movement, so lets move!